Dog Beach Robe

Super quick drying machines for wet dogs!

The last thing you want is your car (or house) smelling as bad as your wet dog.  Get your dog off the beach (or out of the bath) and wrap them up in their robe to save your car (or home) from salt water and sand damage!

Made of high tech micro-fiber towelling, the robes are super absorbent, quick drying and incredibly light.  Perfect for dogs as they do not snag like a cheaper towelling versions

  • Great for after beach or bath 

  • Perfect for groomers and show people as they dry your dog in minutes with no knots or matts

  • Quick drying lightweight micro-fiber towelling

  • Easy to throw over and tie around wriggling tummies

  • Dry off your surfdog and keep your car/home sand and wet dog free!

  • Tail hole for your dogs comfort and to let him show the world how much he loves our robe!


*  If you are interested in purchasing XSmall, please email: