Float Doggy

Dog Life Jacket

INSPIRED BY: A kayaker who lost his dog on a New Zealand river    

Some dogs are great swimmers ... others are not so flash!  However even the best canine swimmers can flounder when they tire, become cold or are trying to swim in moving water.  Fitting your canine friend with a Float Doggy can help them swim more comfortably and confidently, for longer and assist to retain body heat.

The D-Fa dog floatation vest (life jacket) uses a unique 'patent pending' enclosed design. Think of it as being more like your fitted, ergonomic whitewater PFD or water-ski vest rather than one of the bulky, one-size-fits-all jackets you can’t swim in and that ride up around your ears! 

You'll dig:

  • Variable density foam gives floatation where it is needed to provide 'natural boyancy', thus keeping head above water & optimising stability
  • Segmented and tapered panels give an ergonomic and comfortable fit to a range of body shapes and allows full shoulder movement, and a better fit 
  • Chest yoke provides floatation and insulation to the chest & shoulder area (particularly GREAT for deep chested breeds) and keeps head above water without pressuring the throat
  • Harness-style construction and belly cradle mean safer, more secure & more comfortable lifting (removes pressure points)
  • Seamless belly panel to reduce snagging risk
  • Double strapping gives a secure, even fit to a wide range of body shapes 
  • Full length lifting handle supports weight evenly
  • Easy access D-ring leash attachment
  • No Velcro or awkward fastenings! 
  • Includes a 'storage' stuff bag

Wear it:
For adventures and recreation on or around the water ( e.g. boating, sailing, SUP riding or surfing), for rehabilitation and to encourage more confident swimming

Colour OptionsMango/Black or Red/Black

Get The Fit Right
Fitting a Float Doggy is mostly about the weight of your dog!
The Sizing Chart outlines each size, the weight range it covers and the breeds of dogs that generally indicate the 'best fit' for that size.

Because the jacket is adjustable beneath the chest and at the waist, don’t worry too much about deep chests or narrow waists. Please bear in mind that the fit will be snug, which is how it should be. Your dog will become accustomed to it being placed over his head and a close fit around the neck is best.






K9 kg

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8 - 20 kg

20 - 30 kg

 > 30 kg

Doggy Style
Like A ...

Small Terrier
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Rat Terrier)
Minatures & Petite breed

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