Flinger & Flyer Frisbee

BUY 2 Get 1 FREE

These mighty patterned discs (made in the USA) are tough, easy to throw and catch, they fold up and they float!

The Flinger & Flyer are unlike any other dog frisbee on the market and will be the last one you ever buy:

  • Flies great and easy to catch
  • Very easy for all dogs to pick-up off the ground, due to a unique 'lip' edge on the disc which enables your dog to effectively grasp the disc (even if laying flat)
  • Great for breeds with an underbite and/or short flat nuzzle like boxers, bulldogs and pugs
  • Being made from fabric, there is no risk of injury or your dog being hurt, if hit by the disc
  • Very tough and durable thanks to a 3-layer construction, so chewing on the disc is not a problem
  • Washable

Size:    Flinger       6" diameter
            Flyer        12" diameter

N.B.  This is designed as a play toy NOT a chew toy, and supervision is recommended with the use of this product