Kong Stuff-A-Ball


The award-winning Kong Stuff-A-Ball® is a lively and versatile natural rubber treat-dispenser and dental toy.

As your dog rolls, bounces or chews the Stuff-A-Ball, it will periodically release food or treats ... you can also fill the Denta-Ridges™ with soft foods such as Peanut Butter.  The resulting rewards ensure longer enriching playtimes.

As your dog chews on the Stuff-A-Ball, its Denta-Ridges™ will thoroughly clean your dog’s teeth and gum line. Thus conditioning the gums and providing jaw exercise.

When used as directed, the Stuff-A-Ball will engage and stimulate your dog ... while reducing boredom, destructive behaviors and separation anxiety.

Recommended and used by veterinarians and dog experts worldwide ... your dog will love the Kong Stuff-A-Ball!

Size:  Small (up to 9kg)      
Medium (5-15kg)      
          Large (13-30kg) 
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