key fobs - selection cropped 300


Just slip it on your wrist and never worry about losing your keys again ... stylish, easy to carry, practical and a great gift idea! 
Not only fantastic for carrying your keys, but perfect as a school bag or luggage ID tag and ideal as a 'zip locator' for those who have difficulty finding or opening small zippers on bags etc

Fobs 4 Furries:  the key fobs are a J4D fundraiser with all profits going to Animal Rescues Appeal to provide more support and donations to rescues/foster carers right across Australia
key fobs - ff 1200 x 725

Friends Forever

key fobs - i love dogs 1200 x 725

I Love Dogs

key fobs - mutley black 1200 x 725


key fobs - dogs in glasses red1200 x 725

I'm Watching You

key fobs - vs dogs white 1200 x 725

VS Dogs

key fobs - paw prints blue 1200 x 725

Paw Print

key fobs - puppies blue 1200 x 725


key fobs - argyle blue 1200 x 725


key fobs - peace owls lpink 1200 x 725

Peace Owls

key fobs - owls red 1200 x 725

Cute Owls

key fobs - cute owls mpink 1200 x 725

Baby Owls

key fobs - camo grey 1200 x 725


key fobs - dots lime 1200 x 725


key fobs - lotus red 1200 x 725