Dogmatic Testamonials
Want to hear what customers have to say about the DOGMATIC HEAD COLLAR ...

I am a self employed dog trainer and dog handler instructor. As a health and safety issue I am pleased to say it has now been accepted that, when working and training young large and very large breeds, it is better to use a head collar than risk back damage or being dragged onto your face  (I showed off the Dogmatic after trying one on my own Great Dane - who, although trained to walk to heel, if she should decide to take off after something, at 54kgs it could be very damaging to me and indeed to her if we were near a road). It was decided 'The Dogmatic' was best, especially as there is no risk of eye damage. I am also happy to say once the dogs are fully trained and do not need the head collar for issues of pulling on the lead,  we can still use the head collar just in case the dogs get too excited knowing they are off to work, their handlers find them easier to calm down and control. So, well done DOGMATIC!

A quick e-mail to say how very pleased I am with your Dogmatic Head collar.  Out of all the Head collars on the market yours is the BEST! My large Boxer dog Stan is so much happier wearing it compared to the Halti.  I'd definitely recommend Dogmatic!

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with my Dogmatic. It fits beautifully and does not ride up into the eyes at all nor slip in any way and I am very impressed also with the quality of it. My dog has a habit (through no fault of her own; she was lunged at badly whilst on a lead) of making a song and dance when we stop to talk to other dog walkers whilst she is on a lead. Off lead she is fine but obviously, this is not always appropriate. This head collar gives me that extra control I need and needless to say, she also walks beautifully, with no pulling.  Looking forward to receiving the training lead; just know it will be of the same high standard as the h/collar! I would have no hesitation at recommending your products to friends.

Walked my very 'pully' dog for about 20 seconds and I was reaching in my hand for the money!! Usually he pulls and pulls and pulls and walking generally was a nightmare as he always pulled - now he is an absolute pleasure to wander into town with or even around the show where there were loads of distractions - if you have any hesitation on buying this let me put your mind at ease - if your dog pulls on the lead or you want/need immediate control of your dog - buy one now!!!!!!

I had just about given up on walking my two Mals together as they were just too strong.
  I got a couple of Dogmatic head collars and now I can walk both with one hand, can't believe the difference it makes, walking the dogs was becoming the bane of my life and I dreaded it, so much easier now and back to enjoying my walks again.

Rudi, our 20 month old German Shepherd, has been taking me for walks for the past 18 months!  Today, our 9 year old daughter held the lead on his morning walk and had total control, thanks to the Dogmatic.  She was chuffed to bits because she loves her dog but could never walk him; he was too strong on his normal collar. I think you have changed both doggy and daughter's life!! Huge thanks!

A quick line to say how pleased I am with the Dogmatic. It is like taking a different dog for a walk now – no more pulling!  The quality is excellent and she looks great in it as well. I’ll be back for another one soon for our Weimaraner.

Just wanted to say Thank you, I received Harlies new head collar yesterday.  Harlie is a 6 month old Great Dane who doesn’t realise her own strength. She pulls, in an excited way and makes walking a stressful experience.  We tried it out this morning, she tried to get it off with her paws at first but once we got outside she was ok. She trotted along beside me like a little pony. Being a Great Dane, she looks so elegant when she walks nicely, it is lovely to walk with her and not have my arm hurt when we got home!  I couldn’t believe so much improvement on the first walk!

I have been using the gold padded Dogmatic collar since the day it arrived and it is absolutely wonderful.  My dog is a lovely, but very strong, lively and bouncy, two year old chocolate Labrador called Bruce. I have been attending a dog trainer with him for over a year now.  It was the dog trainer who had recommended your product to me recently and I ordered one straight away. I am so amazed (and relieved) at the difference this head collar has made to walking Bruce.  Walks are so much more pleasurable and I am more confident too as I know I can control him with ease.  He tolerates the head collar very well and sits quietly to get it on when heading out on walks!!
  Well done on designing such a wonderful (and effective) product. 

I would like to leave a testimonial on the Dogmatic Padded Cushioned Head collar. I am delighted with this product.  I am an obedience dog trainer, however, I had spinal surgery 6 months ago and I have not been able to train my 5 month old collie pup to walk to heel as he is very excitable and I cannot be pulled & jerked by him as it causes a great deal of pain. I tried the Halti which constantly rode up into his eyes, he managed to break one ( the plastic clip gave in with the force he pulled with) I got a replacement and he became fabulous at getting it of within about 2 seconds!   I researched on the internet and came up with your product which I had not tried or heard of before. I am delighted with the outcome and the quality of the product. The fact it has a metal buckle and the side straps (cheek) it makes it inescapable and the material is much tougher, although gentle on his face and it DOES NOT ride up into his eyes. After a couple of walks with it on he has accepted it fully as he realises that he cannot get it off.  Thank you very much for the wonderful design of this head collar and the ease it makes walking my dogs.

Thank you so much for the Dogmatic in a larger size. This fits perfectly. My ten year old daughter and I have been able to walk our Dobermann for the first time - my Husband is thrilled also!  A brilliant invention!

The head collar and collar both fit Samson fine, and they look great on him. As the Golden Retriever is a soft mouthed dog, the padding on the head collar works really well and doesn't cause the discomfort that the Halti used to. Also, it doesn't ride up his muzzle to his eyes, which also used to irritate him (and me!). I have recommended Dogmatic to people at a grooming class that I attend, and also all the "doggie" people that I know.

Just like to say how delighted and very impressed we are with our Dogmatic.  Our current dog is a Giant Schnauzer and it has to be said they're not the easiest dogs to control on a lead; they have the pulling power of a Husky and the exuberance of a Dalmatian. Over the years we've tried almost every head collar that's come to market, all had their problems and some should never have got past the drawing board stage, so we have to confess that our expectations for the Dogmatic were not high. However, when we first took her out with it we were absolutely astounded … we thought she must be feeling a bit under the weather as she was so good! But not so! Subsequent lead walks have been a revelation, so easy to control without any effort at all. Furthermore, it doesn't irritate, it's easy to put on and the quality of workmanship is first class. Truly, every dog owner should have one; it's light years ahead of anything else.

I would like to say that I am absolutely delighted with my Dogmatic head collars, they give me complete confidence when taking such powerful dogs for walks.

Just received my Dogmatic head collar for my 1yr old Weimaraner, I have tried many things to help his pulling & lunging. I just put the head collar on him & took him for a walk to see what it was like & WOW it is fantastic!  He never lunged or pulled me, he was also really good when we walked across a field which is a big thing as he just cannot walk nicely across grass

Many, many thanks for the Head collar and lead you recently supplied. They have solved my problems with a young, lively and boisterous greyhound. She has taken to the collar very well and it provides me with control without having my arm pulled out of its socket. I had heard that a greyhound was very suitable for an elderly lady – but I allowed myself to be sold a pup that is both an angel and devil, though I love her. Now I can even walk her along a road we both know is inhabited by cats and squirrels, which was something I had to avoid for weeks before the collar arrived. So, once again, many thanks and I would recommend your collar to anyone with similar problems.