Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge (SCAR)

Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge is a volunteer based, not for profit organization. They rescue cats and dogs from the local pound when unclaimed by their owners, they also accept surrenders. SCAR maintain a strict non-euthanasia policy, so all animals stay with them until their new home is found. While in refuge care all animals are desexed, flea treated, wormed and vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Animal Welfare League Queensland

The AWLQ specialises in the care, shelter and re-homing of cats and dogs. As well as providing on-site care at its’ three Re-homing Centre’s (Gold Coast, Beenleigh and Ipswich), the AWLQ has a fostering and rehabilitation program that is second to none. As well as a high focus on rehoming, the AWLQ continues to increase community awareness about how to end the tragedy of pet overpopulation, their goal is to bring an end to the euthanasia of healthy animals in Australia through legislative changes, education and awareness.

Animal Rescues Appeal

Helping all who do the right thing for the animals in their care.  Assisting animal sanctuaries, shelters, rescue groups and their foster carers throughout Australia every day of the year ... getting as many donations to as many rescues and shelters as possible, either by putting people in touch with their local rescues or shelters or by coordinating donations to make sure they end up where they are needed most.

Friends of the Hound

Not-for-profit, volunteer-based greyhound adoption group ... dedicated to the welfare of greyhounds, including a comprehensive rescue and rehoming service.

Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA)

The Bali Animal Welfare Association is a not-for-profit organization registered in Bali, Indonesia and is dedicated to improving the lives of animals. BAWA's mission is to relieve suffering and overpopulation by providing medical care, spay and neutering, street-feeding and adoption, and by educating children and adults in animal welfare.

PetRescue is a not-for-profit organisation that finds new homes for lost and abandoned pets.  Their website is the largest online, searchable directory of rescue pets in Australia, making it a hub for rescue groups, pet lovers and friends like you.

Whippet Racing Club of Queensland

The Whippet Racing Club of Qld provides information for whippet owners in regards to events & race meets

Perth Whippet Club

The Perth Whippet Club (WA) is for WA based whippet enthusiasts and their whippets, to connect locally for play dates, exchange breed care tips and to advertise for whippet products and services. Membership is currently informal, free of charge and is open to members of the public. To join the Perth Whippet Club please visit them on Facebook and click 'Like' to become a member