Austin Power
Austin Power
Just 4 Dogs is dedicated in loving memory of Austin (31/10/07 - 13/01/09) ... a gorgeous, sweet, gentle, loving boy taken way too soon.  He will be forever in our hearts!

Anyone who has experienced the loyalty of a dog knows that "Man's Best Friend" isn't just a saying, it's the truth. We strongly believe that they should be rewarded for their dedicated and unconditional love ... at Just 4 Dogs we want to make life better for them, because we feel they deserve the very best.


We haven't randomly picked products based on price, availability, nor profit. Just 4 Dogs has selected unique and high quality items that we have found will make a difference for you and your canine companions. We've done a great deal of research and have selected products that work well for our dogs, and that we know are good for them too.


Your pets may not NEED some of the items we're offering here, but we honestly believe they DESERVE them. We also believe that they'll show appreciation ... ours certainly do!